Freedom, what a magnificent word it is. I really can’t define it because it is too vast to be included in words. What can I do is only thinking about it. I am like that little bird who wants to reach it beyond heights with her small wings. Whenever I see an eagle I envy her powerful and big wings. It is my habit not to desire small things although I am small and needy. I need my parents to support me, I need my friends to talk to them and feel my loneliness which I have always detested, I need studying to gain job and to gain job to gain money and gain money to be independent financially at least. My body is captivated in the house, university, society…but I never let my mind be captivated. I can at least decide about what I want to be, where I want to go. I can choose my friends or how I can dress up. Also my soul, I don’t allow hate enter my heart, I don’t pile up drudge in my chest, I prefer to give than take, I try not to request for something unless the person is free like me. Although these things don’t satisfy me the high-flying person but I am trying my best for the least freedom possibilities in my life because it is better than nothing. I should fight for my rights, beliefs, desires, facts, ideas and emotions to achieve it, to teach others that they are not the person who has ideas, rights…it is hard but I am the person who feels extremely keen for difficulties. I should tell you that I can ignore whom I love if he wants to steal my dreams or wants to impose me his ideas and I really did this. I do all just to reach freedom which my dearest and greatest wish. It is the only thing which could attract me so much that I enjoy devoting my soul and mind for it. Although I don’t have wings but I always try to reach to higher point that even an eagle can’t reach there because I have the mind.